Our Story

Melinda Brecheisen

On a perfectly gorgeous fall day in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, with a slight drizzle falling outside and a warm laughter coming from inside, four friends curled up in arm chairs and sofas, and talked about their strengths.

One of the first realizations when learning your strengths is how these predictable patterns have played out in the all the wonderful and sometimes disastrous ways throughout your entire life. You begin to see they've always been, as you decipher example after example.

This realization brings enlightenment and empowerment, but can sometimes bring pain, as you come to grips with the times you allowed your strengths to rule your life in destructive ways. It was through this conversation of exposure and exploration that the idea was proposed,

"I just want to be able to control my strengths. To turn them off and on when I want. Instead of what I have been doing, which is let them toss me around like a toy boat in the ocean."

It was a natural progression to see essential oils as a solution to this problem, as aromatherapy has been used to support mood and mind for hundreds of years. And "Anchor To Your Strengths" was born.

A special thank you to Bill and Lauren Moss for supplying the couch and the excellent conversation!