Anchor to your Strength

Anchor to Your Strengths


7th September - 31st October 2020

Don’t miss this chance to build your business YOUR way, 
with YOUR voice, and with YOUR strengths so you can THRIVE.

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Does this sound like you?

You are ALL in.

You are 100% invested in your business.

But you may have hit a few roadblocks:

Do you wonder if everyone else has some secret sauce and you aren’t in on it?

We are going to reveal the secret sauce of success:

It's you.

When you build your business YOUR way, 
with YOUR voice, and with YOUR strengths, 

you thrive.

Don't miss this online event

Hear from incredible Strengths Coaches and Top Leaders as they:

Great insights, actionable strategies and key steps to
build and grow, and more all in this enlightening online event.

Your strengths can work with any system, any method, and any leader.

The world is screaming for authenticity, for real people who know who they are and who they are not.

What you will learn

Join the top voices in the Strengths movement for a day of myth busting, secret-revealing, and game-changing solutions that will educate and inspire you.

The Key to Strengths is to use them daily. Learn this simple and powerful technique for using your essential oils to help you focus on your Strengths every single day. Use this practice to live in your zone of genius, coach your teams, run classes, and introduce oils to the business sector.

Melinda Brecheisen // Author of Anchor to Your Strengths

What is the Strengths movement and why it matters right now Gallup research and statistics that will change how you think about yourself and how to create a more inclusive, more diverse, and more resilient team culture.

Jeremie Brecheisen // Gallup Senior Managing Consultant

Learn to identify and connect to your authentic self. Embrace your strengths and start living abundantly.

Jerry Jacobs // Double Blue Diamond and Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

Know the two things you MUST have BEFORE you can create an environment where you and your Strengths thrive. Skip these and you may fail to realize your goals and dreams.

Laura Jacobs // Double Blue Diamond

How to use YOUR strengths to mentor someone ELSE’s strengths.  How to stay who you are and help others stay who they are without compromise or draining yourself or them so that everyone can be happy and successful.

Eddie Villa // Blue Diamond and Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

with your strengths while letting their strengths shine.
Learn what your leaders are really looking for and how to lead authentically.

Per Tomsen // Blue Diamond and Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

We’ll explore the key activities that grow your 
business and how Strengths magnify those efforts. 

Bonus Sessions

Coaching Panel

Round table discussion with Gallup Certified Coaches on the most commonly asked questions and myths around Strengths.

Diamond Interviews

Special guest leaders reveal how they have implemented Strengths into their teams and how it’s propelled their business.


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